best of the best


The final main classes of Visions Off-Road races did not disappoint on the action or excitement front: Rock Bouncer & UTV Hill Climbs, Rock Bouncer & UTV Knockouts, 4400 Unlimited & UTV Endurance, and Pro Turbo Short Course races challenged the best drivers on some of our toughest courses ever.

2021 Visions Off-Road Podiums

ROck bouncer hill climb

1st: Danny Smith

2nd: Jake Pike

3rd: Brandon Davis

UTV Hill climb

1st: Timmie Cameron

2nd: Wade Goode

3rd: Wyatt Wilson

Rock Bouncer Knockout

1st: Danny Smith/Josh Cochran

3rd: Durwood Duren

UTV Knockout

1st: Wade Goode

2nd: DC Thompson

3rd: Paul Wolff

4400 Unlimited

1st: Tad Dowker

2nd: Chip MacLaughlin

3rd: Zandy Willems

UTV Endurance

1st: Cody Miller

2nd: Paul Wolff

3rd: Hunter Miller

Pro Turbo short course

1st: Kyle Chaney

2nd: Cody Martin

3rd: Scottie Lawrence