Visions Off-Road Finale Show Saturday 6/17

An electrifying finale

Since 2003, Nitro Circus has stunned millions of fans across the globe with a kinetic mix of boundary-breaking world’s firsts alongside outrageous comedic moments. Created by legendary ringleader Travis Pastrana, Nitro Circus has showcased a collection of action sports’ best athletes and biggest stars in packed venues worldwide.

An all new and innovative setup at MidAmerica Outdoors' Thunder Valley will give athletes the tools to take action sports to new heights as they attempt huge, never-before-done tricks. Nitro’s daredevils will also push the boundaries of sanity revisiting some of the brand’s sketchiest stunts as well as jumping a host of new crazy contraptions.

Don't miss this exciting show on Saturday evening of Visions Off-Road 2023.

Learn more about Nitro Circus and their 2023 Tour online here: